BBS were critical to our success and contributed to a very effective project team.

BBS quickly established themselves as prompt and supportive in resolving problems. They actively took responsibility for problem solving ensuring delays were kept to a minimum.

BBS is a contractor we trust implicitly – without having to worry about the wording of contracts.

BBS’ work as a builder is the best in its field.  They also represent excellent value for the investment – we won’t hesitate to use them again with complete confidence.

Merlin Studios, David Sykes, Project Delivery Manager

Projects are very well managed due to strong input from the directors. BBS know what is expected of them and can second-guess problems before they arise and prevent hold-ups or problems.

They take a very holistic approach to the project and its management.

There are many benefits to working with BBS. They’re reliable and competitive and provide great after sales service too!

Efficiency and ease of communication are key.  BBS has very high standards and deal with issues promptly as they arise.

BBS deliver! They have substance over style. They have worked well with us for over 10 years.

Moorevale Investments, Mike Probert, Chief Executive

I have used BBS since 1991.  During that time they have given me total confidence in what they do. This is why they remain on our tender list.

Quality is excellent. Problems are solved promptly and they are integral to our project team management.

Budget management is reliable and efficient and they offset savings.

Follow-up and post-contract service is excellent.

I know that I can feel confident and have complete trust in BBS’s safety record. This is an important issue and BBS give us no cause for concern.

Communication is excellent and we are always given prior notice on the rare occasion of a delay. BBS will always try to assist in resolving a problem of design or specification.

They have great experience and a proven track record and demonstrate consistently high performance – they rarely let me down and I am pleased to continue our valid relationship.

I am very happy to recommend BBS.

Metrus, John Spicer, Associate